worldview (plural worldviews)

  1. One’s personal view of the world and how one interprets it.
  2. The totality of one’s beliefs about reality.
  3. A general philosophy or view of life.

Source: Wiktionary

WorldView Booksellers is an online bookstore for people who love or feel compelled to read, own or collect books in their traditional format.

Your book dealer is Jacqui Brett.  I sell mostly used — or what some in the industry call antiquarian — books, though you will also find links here to external sources for purchasing both new and not so new books that I don’t carry. You’ll also find here reviews, essays and general commentary about reading, books, and related topics I and the blog’s contributors believe you’ll find interesting.

The  primary focus of WorldView Booksellers is comparative religion, traditional and new age spirituality, philosophy, and a bit of psychology — those core topics that define or explore how we experience and shape our beliefs, interpretations and view of  the world.

The other  focus is literature (fiction, poetry, criticism) by and about people who are generally underrepresented in the publishing houses of our western culture. Literature, because it’s the written artistic expression of “world view.”  Underrepresented people because throughout my lifetime and in all my reading I have always had to do extra hard work to source out a plentiful supply of stories about people who were not of European descent – those “other” worldviews.… that actually represent most of the people on the planet.

This blog is a companion to the bookstore, bridging the gap that forms connection and conversation with readers.

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