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5 Books I Enjoyed in 2010: Norma Hawthorne

December 7, 2010


I travel to Oaxaca, Mexico regularly and someday, hopefully soon, I will be there more frequently for longer periods of time.  I am fascinated by the richness and vibrancy of the culture, archeology, history and art.  Art is everywhere.  From the food in the markets, to the textiles and crafts, to fine art expressed through […]

5 Books I Enjoyed in 2010: Tim Keim

December 5, 2010


The books I’ve chosen to share with you are Shaman: Roots of the Rig Veda by Major General GD Bakshi,  The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe, The Long Emergency by James Kunstler, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed by Jared Diamond, and Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, whom I […]

5 Books I Enjoyed in 2010: Diane Lanevi

December 3, 2010


Books often reflect not only our interests, but where we are in our life’s journey.  I suppose if we compiled a list of every book we’ve read during the course of one year, it would say quite a bit about us. In the last few months, these books particularly touched me: 1.   One Day […]

5 Books I Enjoyed in 2010: Dr. Belinda Chiu

December 2, 2010


In the first of our end of the year roundup on 5 books enjoyed in 2010 by ordinary people doing the extraordinary, we begin with Dr. Belinda Chiu, an educational entrepreneur.  Dr. Chiu runs Hummingbird research, coaching, consulting, which focuses on global education and professional development.  She is also Executive Director and founder of Zomppa, a non-profit raising […]

The Year’s Notably Best

December 1, 2010


This weekend The New York Times Book Review will release its list of 100 Notable Books of 2010.  Ever since the list’s release online,  complaints about what was included or omitted have been rampant amongst the blogosphere’s literati. However, as I’ve trolled the internet checking out lists published by others, I’ve yet to feel satisfied by […]