Free Books

Anyone donating books or who lets me know about significant sources of books for WorldView Booksellers is automatically sent the Free Books List which is issued via email bi-weekly.

Here’s how the Free Books List works:

1. Every other week  I send out an email with about 100 books listed, any of which you are welcome to have for absolutely free, all you have to do is let me know which books you want.

2. This is always a pretty random selection of books, very generally divided into three categories: Fiction/Literature, Non-fiction and Juvenile (ages 0-middle school).

3. Each book will have a number along with its title.  To let me know which book(s) you want, simply reply to the email I send by providing the book # and title.  You are welcome to request as many books as you’d like.

4.  The first person to make a request will be the person to be given the book.  I’ll send you an email confirming that you’ve got the book.  If I don’t hear back from you in 24 hours confirming pick-up/delivery  I’ll move down the list and offer the book to the next person who wants it, and so on.

5.  It’ll be up to you to arrange pick-up or delivery for your book(s) — in either case we’ll work together to make arrangements.

6.  Please take note that the books will be in varying states of wear, from New to Used and pretty worn; some books will also have writing, highlighting or underlining.    The only exception is children’s picture books — which will be in good to excellent condition.  Let me know if you have questions about the condition — or anything else — for any book you’re interested in. (Tip: an easy way to find out details about a book’s content is to look up the title on — author names are included on the List to help facilitate this.)

7. I’ll send out the email on or before Monday and the books will be available for ONE WEEK ONLY, this includes pickup — until the following Monday — after that they’ll be donated to a charity.

8. It’ll probably only take a minute or so to scan the list and know whether there’s something on it that you want.   While there’ll be a wide assortment of books offered, I admit that sometimes there’ll be nothing that interests you at all.  Nevertheless, there’s always an opportunity to find something of value for yourself or others you know at no cost — so why pass up that deal?  But if being on this list holds no interest for you, simply reply to any of the Free Books emails with the words “Please unsubscribe” in the body and you’ll be taken off the list — plain and simple.  No problem, no questions asked.

9.  Save this info or a link to this page so you can refer back to it as needed.

10.  Please remember: if you or a friend has a stack of books you’d like taken off your hands, contact me and I’ll send you a tip sheet about how that works.
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